Well, i’ll be damned…there IS an “About Me” section of this site?! I always find it difficult to talk about myself…especially with any sort of clarity and articulation…but, here goes.

I’m a weird dude, i know this…

I smoke, i drink, i find the strangest things hilarious…
I enjoy technology, i’m married, i have no children, and i have 2 dogs.

I’m going to do my best to stay on the topic i have started with…but i’ve always been bad at that, so you’ll have to tolerate it đŸ˜›

Ah, i suppose it makes sense to start at the beginning. I was born into a crazy family of free-thinkers and heretics. Doomed from the beginning, really. San Jose California was my home for the first seven years of my life…can you remember back to first grade? Ya, me neither. But, i moved with my folks to Colorado Springs the summer of ’89. I just missed the big Bay Area earthquake that split a crack down Candlestick Park by a few months (i still count myself lucky). Being the only 49ers fan in a sea of Bronco’s fans helped to make me the rebel i am today (at least i like to think i’m a rebel…). And, come to think of it, it still feels nice to root for the bad guy.

In my estimation, life for me was pretty ideal. I lived out in the “country” on a five-acre plot with just my mom and dad (my brother and sister were in college). I had a few friends, but, really i had the whole great-big valley to keep me occupied. Plenty of trails to hike and canyons to explore…what a life!

High school itself wasn’t really so bad…but, i’d really rather think about how much i’ve grown since then, and not re-live many of those moments.

I decided to go to the University of Wyoming in Laramie for my freshman year of college. Apparently, -20F isn’t very conducive to my learning…so, i was not asked back the following year. Second year was spent at Pikes Peak Community College where i excelled. Small classes combined with teachers that actually wanted to teach made for a great environment for me. But, needing to find a four-year university, i applied to Colorado State in Fort Collins and was accepted. Fort Collins was perfect; it was just the right size, i was with some of my very best friends and i was working towards a degree. But, soon, i hit the wall…i just burned out, i couldn’t take it anymore, i just wanted to work. So i took off a semester, worked in a restaurant and got my shit in gear. I only had one or two classes left so i decided to take those at Front Range Community College, but when i sent my transcript to CSU, to get me my official degree, they said i was one, yes ONE, class shy of graduating. I took the singular summer course, and am now the proud owner of an English degree from Colorado State…whole lot of good it’s done me so far…

Married my high school sweetheart in October of 2008…i guess things are going pretty well so far đŸ™‚

Now i work at a shoe company somewhere west of the Mississippi, and am moderately happy…it’s like a “hey, i got the prize in the cereal box” kinda happy, not the warm day in the sun kinda happy, savvy?
UPDATE: new job acquired! Actually doing low-level tech support! Sweet!

If i have missed anything pivotal, i’d be more than happy to amend this little page, but, otherwise i think i’ve hit the high points: HS graduation, college graduation, marriage to my sweetheart, gainfully employed…ya, life is pretty good.


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