Off I go…

Today marks the first morning if my road trip.

2 weeks ago, I decided that a vacation was in order. A glance at my account balance told me that I wasn’t flying anywhere… So, where to go?

That question got me thinking… I’ve got a week off, how do I use it? Go somewhere good for your soul!

My soul only cries for a few places, a few right around here, but Santa Cruz is where I knew I needed to go.

The planning started right there at my desk, I was going on a hobo road trip.

Proposed route:
hwy 66 to I 25 north to Cheyenne.
I 80 west to Salt Lake City
Con’t on I 80 until Sac.
Dodge around sac to galt.
Stay in galt wed night
Go to Santa Cruz
See ocean and redwoods
Return to Galt
Leave galt Friday evening
Goal is to use the same route back and be home Saturday night.

Car is tuned up, I have plenty of water, snacks, music and road to get me through.

I sure am going to miss Heather and the dogs, but I think I need a change of scenery to gain the clarity i’m really searching for.