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That’s right!

Now go and kick some ass, people.


The Time IS Meow! Support Broken Lizard.

Super Troopers 2:

This has been a long time coming.  They raised a bunch more money than they expected – almost 4.5 million dollars.  This movie should be epic.

If you didn’t get in on the Indigogo campaign, fear not, you can still donate and get in on perks

Never let your fear decide your fate…

I never write here anymore, do i?  Odd, but i know it’s only for my reading enjoyment anyhow…

Tough to write when you’re happy…happiness makes shitty art.  But happiness makes a great life and i sure am enjoying mine.

Not on-call, working at a job i love, but not working this week, home for the holidays, plans for drinking secured with friends and family…sounds like it’ll be a great weekend…


Well, if anyone BUT me reads this, love you!




 Just the other day i Stumbled on a site that was about Steampunk as a movement.  I find this fascinating.  Victorian aesthetic mixed with dystopian science fiction technology.  The predominant headwear of this movement is the gas mask.

What does that say about the movement itself?  Is this about the future that we are creating? Or about the Victorian mask itself? What do masks mean in our society? What did they used to mean?

Are the masks about the apparent “safety” or are they about hiding?  Are they hiding the wearer, or are they obscuring the outside world TO the wearer?  What’s being protected, is it the eyes or the lungs?

OR, am i completely missing the point?

The Victorian style mixed with modern tech is a sight to behold.  I think it’s amazing.

These gas masks are made by several people, all of which i hope to credit:
Most of these are from:
Bob Basset
Tom Banwell
But some came from:
13 Recycled Steampunk Gas Masks
19 Artistic Steampunk Masks and Helmets

Netflix, how i love thee

Recently, we canceled our cable service…and, you know, with Netflix, everything’s cool.

In fact, it’s so much more than cool…it’s f-ing excellent!

I haven’t felt inadequate for not HAVING things.  I don’t need a new TV, i don’t need a new iPod, i don’t need the latest computer, or the newest video game…all the things i have are in working order and i still enjoy them.  I find it amazing the things that control our lives…the things we consume also consume us…

a life without commercials…i’m pretty sure i have never experienced this…in fact, i’m sure i never have.  What an incredibly liberating feeling!

With Netflix, i can still watch the mind-rotting television garbage, but not feel so bad about my life 🙂

I still get to watch Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who, Babylon 5…all that lovely Sci-Fi nonsense.

I still can’t seem to get over the fact that i’m actually a happier person as a result of not having commercials during my TV-time.  Is it the lack of constant bombardment about consuming?  Or is it that i can actually pay attention to the show i’m watching?

I’ve also found that i’ve gotten pickier about what i watch.  Without the constant interruptions that commercials bring, i find that my attention is still in tune with what’s going on.  I tried to watch LOST on TV and i just didn’t get it because of a 5 second clip i missed. Damnit! But, on Netflix, i can just pause it and do my thing 🙂

Conclusions have always been my downfall…i just never know where to end…so…

train of though has reached the end of its track for tonight.