Netflix, how i love thee

Recently, we canceled our cable service…and, you know, with Netflix, everything’s cool.

In fact, it’s so much more than cool…it’s f-ing excellent!

I haven’t felt inadequate for not HAVING things.  I don’t need a new TV, i don’t need a new iPod, i don’t need the latest computer, or the newest video game…all the things i have are in working order and i still enjoy them.  I find it amazing the things that control our lives…the things we consume also consume us…

a life without commercials…i’m pretty sure i have never experienced this…in fact, i’m sure i never have.  What an incredibly liberating feeling!

With Netflix, i can still watch the mind-rotting television garbage, but not feel so bad about my life 🙂

I still get to watch Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who, Babylon 5…all that lovely Sci-Fi nonsense.

I still can’t seem to get over the fact that i’m actually a happier person as a result of not having commercials during my TV-time.  Is it the lack of constant bombardment about consuming?  Or is it that i can actually pay attention to the show i’m watching?

I’ve also found that i’ve gotten pickier about what i watch.  Without the constant interruptions that commercials bring, i find that my attention is still in tune with what’s going on.  I tried to watch LOST on TV and i just didn’t get it because of a 5 second clip i missed. Damnit! But, on Netflix, i can just pause it and do my thing 🙂

Conclusions have always been my downfall…i just never know where to end…so…

train of though has reached the end of its track for tonight.