Just the other day i Stumbled on a site that was about Steampunk as a movement.  I find this fascinating.  Victorian aesthetic mixed with dystopian science fiction technology.  The predominant headwear of this movement is the gas mask.

What does that say about the movement itself?  Is this about the future that we are creating? Or about the Victorian mask itself? What do masks mean in our society? What did they used to mean?

Are the masks about the apparent “safety” or are they about hiding?  Are they hiding the wearer, or are they obscuring the outside world TO the wearer?  What’s being protected, is it the eyes or the lungs?

OR, am i completely missing the point?

The Victorian style mixed with modern tech is a sight to behold.  I think it’s amazing.

These gas masks are made by several people, all of which i hope to credit:
Most of these are from:
Bob Basset
Tom Banwell
But some came from:
13 Recycled Steampunk Gas Masks
19 Artistic Steampunk Masks and Helmets